J. S. Bach’s ‘Orgelbüchlein’ : my lockdown recordings

J S BachJ. S. Bach’s Orgelbüchlein (BWV 599–644) is a set of 48 short organ pieces that were composed over several decades from 1704 onwards. Bach’s idea was to assemble 164 works in a variety of styles all based on Lutheran hymn-tunes associated with each season of the church year. This was not only for liturgical use but also as a pedagogical resource. Alas, the project remained incomplete at the composer’s death.
I recorded these pieces during the UK Covid–pandemic lockdown of 2020–21 for use by a local church at the conclusion of its Sunday services, then being live-streamed online.
I am adding further recordings of Orgelbüchlein works as they are made.  For some of my other lockdown recordings go to: Exordia ad missam’: my lockdown recordings.



Turning of the Year


Technical notes.
– Edition: Johann Sebastien Bach Orgelbüchlein. Series: Neue Ausgabe sämtlicher Werke. IV/i (Kassel ; London : Bärenreiter 1987)
– Temperament: Werckmeister III; pitch A=440
– Organ: Viscount Sonus 60
– Microphone: Zoom Q2N-4K
Recordings©Andrew Pink. All rights reserved. [Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)